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Huzhou Jierui Home Furnishing Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016, and our branch factory "Anji Jiarui Furniture Co.,Ltd" founded this year continue the booming gaming chair industry.

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Custom Reclining High Back Gaming Chair
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Custom Reclining High Back Gaming Chair

chair gamingbig size gaming chairadjustable gaming chair
High Quality Big Size Pc Computer Racing Gaming Chair
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High Quality Big Size Pc Computer Racing Gaming Chair

chair gamingbig size gaming chairadjustable gaming chair
High Grade Big Size Luxury Gaming Chair Racing
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High Grade Big Size Luxury Gaming Chair Racing

high grade big size gaming chair for people in different systems.ergonomic gaming chair which is
Trendy Design High Back Racing Gaming Chair
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Trendy Design High Back Racing Gaming Chair

gaming chair with foot resthot sales customize gaming chaircomputer gaming chair
Hot Sales Custom Gamer's Game Racing Gaming Chairs Computer
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Hot Sales Custom Gamer's Game Racing Gaming Chairs Computer

chair gaming with led functiongaming chair with headrest and lumbar supporthigh quality gaming
Modern Swivel Gaming Chair With Footrest
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Modern Swivel Gaming Chair With Footrest

Modern swivel gaming chair with footrestgaming chair with foot rest
High Grade Wide Size Moulded Foram Gaming Chair Racing
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High Grade Wide Size Moulded Foram Gaming Chair Racing

high grade gaming chair wide size moulded foam gaming chair
Cool Design Mesh Swivel Chair Gaming With Fixed Armrest
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Cool Design Mesh Swivel Chair Gaming With Fixed Armrest

mesh chairmesh chair gaminggaming chair with fixed armrest
Best Office High-back Computer Racing Gaming Chair
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Best Office High-back Computer Racing Gaming Chair

The black backrest is uniquely shaped like the Queen's seat.Extra-large body to accommodate large
Unique Headrest Shape Design Gaming Chair
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Unique Headrest Shape Design Gaming Chair

Designed to provide maximum comfort and support during long gaming sessions, our gaming chairs come
Cool Outlook High Back Big Size Gaming Chair With Armrest
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Cool Outlook High Back Big Size Gaming Chair With Armrest

Bright red exteriorLarge body friendlyGood load-bearing capacity
Pink Ladies Exclusive Gaming Chair
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Pink Ladies Exclusive Gaming Chair

Unique eye catching pink colour. Comfortable headrest design and lumbar curve fit
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What is a PC Gaming Chair and What is it Good For?


The PC Gaming Chair is a special chair for PC or console gamers that is designed to help maintain a healthy posture while gaming. Ergonomic gaming chairs play a major role in this. However, gaming chairs are not only used by gamers, they are also often used in a home office or workplace environment.


Gaming chairs have already been put under the microscope and specifically tested for ergonomics. It doesn’t really matter whether you buy a gaming chair or a normal chair, as long as it is ergonomic and fits your height and body measurements.

What Is So Special About a PC Gaming Chair?



PC Gaming Chair are designed specifically with gamers in mind, and they often come with features that cater to the needs of individuals who spend long hours playing video games. Here are some aspects that make PC Gaming Chair special:


Comfort: PC Gaming Chair are usually ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions. They often come with features like adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and headrest pillows to help reduce strain on the body.


Durability: PC Gaming Chair are typically built to be durable and long-lasting, using high-quality materials such as steel frames, high-density foam padding, and premium upholstery. This ensures that the chair can withstand the rigors of regular use.


Adjustability: Most PC Gaming Chair offer a high degree of adjustability, allowing users to customize the chair to their preferences. This includes features like adjustable seat height, reclining backrests, and tilt mechanisms, which can help users find the most comfortable seating position.


Style: PC Gaming Chair often feature a sleek and stylish design that sets them apart from traditional office chairs. They come in a variety of colors and designs to match different gaming setups and personal preferences.


Enhanced features: Some PC Gaming Chair come with additional features such as built-in speakers, vibration motors for haptic feedback, and even RGB lighting to enhance the gaming experience.

What Should You Look for When Buying a PC Gaming Chair?


First of all, you need to know that your height and weight play a crucial role when buying a gaming chair. Tall people need a different chair than smaller, lighter people. This also means that some manufacturers differentiate between chairs for women and for men. Here it is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if the chair is even tailored for you.


Every person has an individual body size and is therefore not suitable for every chair. Therefore, it is very important that the chair is height-adjustable. If you are not sure at which height you should adjust your chair, then various portals on the Internet can help you, where you can calculate the optimal desk and seat height on the basis of your body height.


Armrests help to relax the shoulder and neck area. The armrest generally depends on the length of your upper arm. If your upper and lower arms form a 90° angle, then your armrests are correctly adjusted. It is important that your elbows always rest on the armrests, as this is the only way to ensure that your body area relaxes. To set the optimal armrest height, the armrests should be height-adjustable. If you have a choice, you should opt for soft rather than hard armrests, because they are more comfortable and do not leave pressure marks on your forearms.


It is important that the backrest is height-adjustable, because the top edge of the backrest should reach up to the shoulder blades. In addition, the backrest should be high enough so that the top edge is at least 45 centimetres above the seat.


A lumbar support is an ergonomic back support. The lordosis is the lower part of the spine that is bent forward. The human spine is divided into five sections: Cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx. To ensure a healthy sitting posture, the lumbar support relieves the lower back. Therefore, the lumbar support should ideally be adjustable in height as well as in curvature. This support is especially important for people who already suffer from back pain.


Chair mechanics
The rocking mechanism of a chair is designed to relieve the back muscles. Depending on the model, a gaming chair has the possibility to adjust the backrest very far backwards (up to 180 degrees). The tilting mechanism is a very ergonomic feature that significantly helps to reduce back pain. This is because it relieves the intervertebral discs if you are not constantly in a monotonous posture or sitting position. The mechanism should be adapted to the user’s weight, i.e. The resistance of the backrest should be adjusted so that only minimal force is applied when leaning back. A normal or even ergonomic office chair rarely has this built-in adjustment.


The most important factors to look for in a gaming chair are ergonomics, quality and individual adjustment options. In general, the adjustment options of the chair are particularly important in combination with the ergonomics. This means that the more adjustment options a chair has (e.g. adjustability of the armrest, backrest, etc.), the more precisely you can find your desired position.

What Kind of Materials Are Used In PC Gaming Chair?

The gaming industry reached unprecedented heights, attracting many fans around the world. Now the community of gamers includes not only children or adolescents, among them can be found and adult self-fulfilling people. Games are not only a way to relax from daily routine, but also an opportunity to try on the role of a warrior, magician, elf, town planner, and designer. Special gaming chairs invented for the most comfortable spending time.


They are made using the most advanced materials and advanced designs to withstand heavy load, while simultaneously allowing you to take care of your health. From the long seat most often, suffer back, loin and neck.

To prevent the occurrence of unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to choose quality furniture for themselves. What do gaming chairs manufacture? What materials used in this case? Let's try to find out together on these issues.


PC Gaming Chair consists of many elements that allow you to adjust them to your physiological parameters of the body. Each part is made of certain materials that have their own properties:


Frame - The main part responsible for the correct landing. Modern models are made of metal - It considered the best, because it is able to withstand a heavy load without deforming and not losing its properties during the operation. Some use a skeleton of stainless steel or steel with various alloying admixtures (the most expensive models), others - From alloys of aluminum (they are cheaper, and, unlike steel, such a chair will be easier to move from place to place). Cheaper models have a wooden case. It also features good quality and is suitable for players whose weight does not exceed 100 kg. The plastic used in nameless armchairs does not withstand loads and often breaks down, without the possibility of restoration;




Stand - Must withstand the weight of not only the player, but also the whole seat, therefore the material is steel. Sometimes there can be an alloy of aluminum, the so-called aviation. However, it costs significantly more than steel, because it differs in ease and durability, due to different impurities;


Wheelbase - Ideally - Five-rays, because it is responsible for the stability of the model and even distribution of the weight of the player. If your weight is over 100 kg, you should stop choosing on a metal model. Although, to date, there are several varieties of polypropylene, which can easily withstand heavy loads;


Rollers - The convenience and ease of sliding of different kinds of floor covering depends on their quality. Often, they are made rubberized or rubber completely, because they do not harm the floor, easy to roll and have high elasticity. In cheap models you can find plastic wheels, however, this option cannot withstand heavy loads or frequent travel from place to place;


Back - Should be an anatomical S-shaped form to maintain the spine in the correct position. As an additional option, lumbar and cushion pillows on belt anchorages can used. However, not all gamers are suitable for them. This applies to those who are not distinguished by high growth (up to 170 cm). Therefore, the profiled back is quite enough to unload the back;


Seating - Its main task - To be quite soft, well spring and quickly return the initial shape, which is directly dependent on the filler. For today, the best option is foamed polyurethane (polyurethane foam), since it is hygroscopic, non-combustible, quickly restores shape after lifting the load, does not absorb odors, is not afraid of sudden temperature fluctuations, and also freely passes air;


Coating material - Presented with genuine leather (the most expensive models), artificial eco-skins (medium and budget variants), and different types of fabrics (found in practically all price segments). For example, PU leather (as in the GT Racer models) is a multi-layer material, which contains cotton (base), genuine leather (middle) and an upper thin layer of polyurethane. It perfectly passes air, does not deform, is resistant to temperature fluctuations and has no foreign smell. There is a huge amount of tissue coatings; They differ in thickness between threads and the type of weaving. All woven materials also perfectly pass air, easy to clear, can be painted in different colors and shades, which do not melt in the process of operation. The grid is often used as an additional ventilation in the form of inserts in seats and backrests. It can represented by various kinds of openwork weaving. The net material is quite durable and resistant to wear;


Armrests - Mainly made of polypropylene, since the load on them will not be too large. This material is non-combustible and resistant to mechanical influences, including the periodic change of position provided by the rotary mechanisms. May have soft inserts for even greater comfort of the player. In high-quality armchairs, armrests have several points of fixation to the seat or back;

Mechanisms - Rotary, folding, lifting - Are obliged to withstand high loads; Therefore the material of manufacture should be steel or its alloys. In a reliable model, you will never see a plastic lift / turn device. Polypropylene allowed only upper parts of the knobs-switches.

高品质大尺寸 PC 电脑赛车游戏椅
Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair


Gaming chair vs office chair: What's the difference?
While they may look similar to some, gaming chairs and office chairs serve two very different purposes and include varying design features. Gaming chair design typically focuses on style, sleek aesthetics, and ergonomic support. They’re made for enhanced comfort during prolonged gaming sessions and usually incorporate vibrant colors or gaming-themed details in the design.
Office chairs, on the other hand, prioritize practicality and professional appearance over bold design choices. The goal of an office chair is providing comfort for extended work hours while maintaining a more understated design suitable for office environments or video conferencing.


Gaming chair features
Gaming chairs include features not only focused on aesthetics, but also comfort for longer gaming sessions. A highly-featured gaming chair might include:

High backrest for full spine support
Adjustable recline angle for varied seating positions
Adjustable armrests for customized arm support
Lumbar and neck cushions for additional comfort
Bolstered side cushions for a "racing" look and feel
Vibrant and bold color options with gaming-themed designs
Bucket seat design for a sporty aesthetic
Often made with faux leather or breathable fabric
Tilt and swivel functionality for dynamic movement
Integrated audio systems and built-in speakers in some models
Sturdy construction with a focus on durability
May include footrests for relaxation or other accessories


Office chair features
Office chairs focus on functionality too, with an emphasis on comfort for longer, all-day support and especially promoting good posture and reducing strain. While not all office chairs include these features, you may find the following in a well-constructed office chair:

Adjustable seat height and backrest angle for personalized comfort
Lumbar support for maintaining proper lower back alignment
Adjustable or fixed armrests, designed for comfort during desk work
Neutral and professional color options, appropriate for a work setting
Swivel and tilt mechanisms you can easily make adjustments to
Breathable and durable upholstery materials for extended use
Casters or wheels for mobility around the workspace
Task-oriented functionality for desk work and computer use
Often conforms to industry standards for ergonomic office furniture


Gaming chair vs office chair: Comfort
Both a gaming chair and office chair offer their own distinct levels of comfort, but the areas of focus vary because of the different tasks at hand.
A gaming chair offers extra padding and lumbar support for extended periods of activity. It also typically features adjustable armrests and a reclining function, so you can have a little more freedom of movement while gaming. You can also find models with footrests.
For office chairs, you typically don’t have the added pillows and padding, but you can get an adjustable lumbar support system, which offers added comfort.


Gaming chair vs. office chair: Ergonomics
One of a gaming chair’s signature features is the raised front lip of the seat. This slightly inclines the legs, similar to how your legs raise up slightly in a real car.
An office chair doesn’t feature the raised front lip. Instead, it has a 90 degree angle (called a waterfall edge), so your feet remain flat on the ground, or even on a footrest. This offers better ergonomics for anyone sitting for a longer period of time.

Another signature feature of a gaming chair is the inclusion of lumbar and head pillows. Both offer additional support for the spine and neck, but the best pillows are those you can easily adjust to allow for more personal contouring.
Most office chairs do not include additional pillows and instead come with fixed or adjustable lumbar support, depending on the model. An ergonomic office chair, however, would be designed with these features in mind.


Gaming chair vs. office chair: Style
Style is likely one of the biggest differentiating factors between a gaming chair versus an office chair. Gaming chairs often include bold colors and eye-catching designs, with some even having added design elements like LED lighting. (Some manufacturers of gaming chairs also make coordinating headphones or gaming headsets.)

Gaming chairs almost always have high backs, bucket seats, and winged backrests, for even more comfort while gaming.
Office chairs may have a short or high back, but generally have flat seats and wingless backrests. Most office chairs only come in standard colors, although you can occasionally find a bold color choice for an office chair.


Gaming chair vs. office chair: Durability
Many gaming chairs—No matter what the budget is—Are made of highly durable faux leather materials. As you go higher with the budget, you may find the material is even more durable.

This doesn’t mean office chairs aren’t built to last, though. While many of them feature more breathable, mesh materials, you can find office chairs offering superior durability. As you go higher in the budget, office chairs will often include higher-quality casters, sturdier bases, better lifting mechanisms, and numerous other features for improved durability.


Gaming chair vs. office chair: Adjustability
Both gaming chairs and office chairs offer adjustability, but it’s typically in different focus areas. For gaming chairs, you can find some models with adjustable armrests. You can also find models made for a high degree of reclining, which is a fun feature when you need to relax but still feel physically immersed in your game. And of course, you should have the option to adjust the height of the seat.

Office chairs offer some of the same adjustability features, such as adjustable armrests and height adjustment. However, you may find an added feature of an adjustable headrest, for further neck support, whereas most gaming chairs do not offer an adjustable headrest. Office chairs recline, too, but the recliner is typically lower on the backrest, compared to the high degree of recline on a gaming chair.


Gaming chair vs. office chair: Price
Price may be the area where both a gaming chair and office chair are most similar. This is simply because you can find almost any type of chair to fit almost any budget, both for gaming and office chairs. You can find options as low as $35 for office chairs and up to several hundred dollars, while gaming chairs start around $75 and also go up to several hundred dollars.

Which Kind of Material Is the Best For a Gaming Chair



Any gamer, from the beginner to a professional, knows that nothing should distract you in order to achieve the highest possible result in the game. The gaming chair should be as comfortable as possible and do not cause discomfort during operation. This directly affected by the sheeting of a particular model. Even if the chair has received a huge amount of settings, very comfortable and stylish, but the material to the top conveys an inconvenience, then you cannot use it for a long time at all desires.

Nowadays, there are some of the most popular top coating materials for gaming armchairs: Natural leather;Artificial leather;Cloth.
Each species has its own characteristics and divide into several subspecies, commonly used in the production of furniture. Next, we will consider the characteristics of different top coats and decide for themselves which option to choose.


Gaming chair with leather upholstery
The most expensive models use this kind of cover. Natural leather is always expensive and durable. The special variety of colors does not have such armchairs - mostly calm color gamut, without sharp transitions and bright shades, prevails. Natural leather painted on specific technology with the use of special paints, which do not clog pores and allow the material to pass the air freely, without delaying moisture.


There are several types of coverings
Split - obtained from the lower layer of animal skin - Can be polished or have a glossy surface. They include suede and velour. It is quite affordable;
Luxe - distinguished by a thorough casting, has a variety of textures and colors. The most expensive models of armchairs have exactly this cover.
The leather surface, in case of properly groom, can last for a long time, retaining all its properties throughout the life of the product. It freely "breathes" and does not accumulate moisture.


Gaming chair with eco skin top coating
This coating obtained thanks to modern technology for processing artificial threads with the application of a thin layer of polyurethane to increase strength. Such a sheath also has breathable properties, since it has a tissue basis. It divided into several subspecies:
Rodeo - Received a clear texture and a glossy finish. Not afraid of ultraviolet and temperature fluctuations, differs softness, elasticity, quickly warms up and cools;
Extra ECO - Soft, does not fade, easy to care. It features a very affordable price and a large variety of colors.
This type of top coating developed as an alternative to natural skin with similar properties, but more affordable price segment. In addition, the animal defenders can be calm - no animal injured during the production of this material.

Our Factory

In past 8 years ,A lot of new fresh blood was injected ,we renamed both factories"JR furniture" ,also we made our brand "JR racing" for gaming means to bring our gamers to the game racing environment . Also we moved to oversea market and we made rich achievements. JR furniture now with 3 main production lines about the wood ,PP and metal series .totally around 20 sets professional equipmets for production and test. .we also provide the customized service for samples .



Q: What is the point of gaming chairs?

A: What Is a Gaming Chair? Gaming chairs are specially designed, ergonomic chairs meant for long (but comfortable) hours playing video games. There are three different types of gaming chairs: PC and racing, rocker, and floor.

Q: Are gaming chairs only for gaming?

A: While gaming chairs are designed with gamers in mind, they can also be a viable option for non-gamers.

Q: Why are PC gaming chairs so expensive?

A: Luxury features: Gaming chairs have luxury features that can enhance your gaming performance and enjoyment. For example, some gaming chairs have massage functions that can relax your muscles and relieve tension. Some gaming chairs have speakers or headphones that can improve sound quality and immersion.

Q: Are gaming chairs actually good for your back?

A: Unlike the office chairs, gaming chairs are ergonomicall​y designed,​ keeping in view the sedentary lifestyle. Even the padded chairs may do no service. A well-built gaming chair supports your lower and upper back, shoulders, head, neck, arms, and hips. A good gaming chair helps to maintain the correct posture.

Q: Do gaming chairs prevent back pain?

A: By providing proper support for the spine and reducing pressure on the lower back, a good gaming chair can help you to maintain good posture and stay comfortable for longer periods of time. In conclusion, gaming chairs can be helpful for preventing back pain and reducing discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

Q: Is a gaming chair better than a couch?

A: For dedicated gamers and those seeking ergonomic support for work, a high-quality gaming chair can be a worthwhile investment. If versatility, space efficiency, and a more relaxed seating experience are preferred, then a couch might be the better option.

Q: How to pick a gaming chair?

A: Some qualities are worth paying attention to no matter your budget or priorities: You definitely want a chair with a sturdy frame and quality material that will last, as well as a chair that adjusts to your needs (adjustable armrests are a significant feature for long-term personalized comfort).

Q: How to tell if a gaming chair is good?

A: Adjustability is crucial in a gamer chair
Most gaming chairs can be assessed based on the adjustability of its armrests, the chair's height, as well as the lumbar and neck support.

Q: Are gaming chairs good for sitting long hours?

A: Gaming chairs such as our picks for the most comfortable gaming chairs, are absolutely superb for long hours - be that for play or for work. The yare built with time in mind and the design, build quality, and extra emphases on comfort, padding, cushioning and posture-improvement and support reflect that beautifully.

Q: Does gaming chair size matter?

A: The Right-Sized Chair Will Support Your Body Weight
Make sure that you buy a gaming chair that's appropriate for your needs. Chair seats are the primary body weight carriers when you are sitting down. But the more you recline, the weight is transferred to the backrest.

Q: Why are gaming chairs so popular?

A: Keeping aesthetics in mind
The seats of gaming chairs often resemble those of racecars. These seats have interesting angles and often have embroidered graphics on the backs and headrests. Gaming chairs come in many color palettes and accents that help them bring some personality to an office.

Q: Why do gaming chairs have straps?

A: These holes allow for straps to be placed in the chair, which will hold pillows in position for extra comfort. After years or even decades of medical research, gaming chairs, and racing seats were designed. They are essential for professional gamers, but they can also be beneficial to casual players.

Q: Can I use a gaming chair for office work?

A: Both gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs are built to make long hours of sitting comfortable. A gaming chair will typically come with the same level of adjustability that an office chair will. So, killing two birds with one stone here is the more practical choice.

Q: What materials are used in gaming chairs?

A: Gaming chairs typically have genuine leather or PU leather. There are a variety of materials available for office chairs.

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